The standard POSSUM reference is Gaensler et al. (2010), BAAS, 42, 515 [ADS]

Refereed POSSUM publications

  • Anderson et al., 2021, “Early Science from POSSUM: Shocks, turbulence, and a massive new reservoir of ionised gas in the Fornax cluster”, PASA, 38, 20 [ADS]

Selected publications from POSSUM planning

  • Anderson et al., 2018, “The Extraordinary Linear Polarisation Structure of the Southern Centaurus A Lobe Revealed by ASKAP”, Galaxies, 6, 127 [ADS]
  • Sun et al., 2015, “Comparison of Algorithms for Determination of Rotation Measure and Faraday Structure. I. 1100-1400 MHz”, AJ, 149, 60 [ADS]