Available Data

Raw POSSUM Data (i.e., image cubes and other metadata, see the Data page) are available in the CASDA archive. Further processing is being done by the AusSRC and CIRADA. These processing steps include:

  • convolution to common resolution (per channel)
  • ionospheric Faraday rotation correction
  • mosaicking of tile edges and regridding/tiling
  • 1D and 3D RM-synthesis (catalogues and Faraday cubes)

These data will be made available on the CIRADA portal. Summary of available POSSUM data to date:

POSSUM Early Science Data

  • Fornax Cluster (RA: Dec:)
  • SN1006 (RA: Dec:)

POSSUM Pilot 1

  • 10 contiguous fields (RA: Dec:)
  • POSSUM Band 2 (~1200-1400 MHz) data
    • convolved to common resolution (13″) across channels
    • off-axis leakage correction derived using stacked sources fitted with Zernike polynomials
    • released to POSSUM community, Stokes Q and U cubes will be uploaded to CASDA late 2022
  • EMU Band 1 (~800-1100 MHz) data
    • processing in-progress

POSSUM Pilot 2

  • ACT Fields (4 fields) (RA: Dec:)
  • Shapley Supercluster (RA: Dec:)
  • Galactic Test Field (RA: Dec:)
  • Small Magellanic Cloud (RA: Dec:)
  • NGC5044 (RA: Dec:)
  • Wallaby commensal fields (RA: Dec:)