First POSSUM paper published

We are proud to note the first refereed publication produced from POSSUM early science data. The paper describes a detailed analysis of the magnetic fields and ionized gas in the intracluster medium of the Fornax cluster. An intriguing outcome is that POSSUM will provide a novel technique for finding, mapping and weighing the tenuous material that fills the atmospheres of galaxy clusters, cumulatively contributing a large fraction of the total mass but otherwise nearly impossible to detect with current techniques.

The paper can be accessed here: ADS link (Anderson et al., 2021, PASA, 38, 20)

From the paper: The local root-mean-squared (RMS) noise in the map of peak linear polarization across the field of view in the Fornax cluster region, as measured by the ASKAP telescope. Linearly polarised radio sources are visible as a marked increase in the local RMS value. The centre of the Fornax cluster is indicated with a red cross-hair. The white dotted line indicates the 705 kpc virial radius of the cluster.